Model sitting on wooden floor leaning against a dark blueish gray wall wearing a long black and white gown. The words Minnie Blue Apparel by Kristen Colemon appear in logo format on the left side of the picture.


IMG_0328P“I wanted to create a line of high quality pieces for every style and every shape. Every woman can be fierce and every woman can feel beautiful.” – Kristen Colemon



Since Middle School, Kristen was enthralled with the fashion industry- the colors and textures- creating livable art for beautiful canvases; but it wasn’t until attending an art camp at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) that she was convinced this was the world she was meant to be apart of.

Soon the need for her creative vision began pushing her further into the industry. With commissions and collaborations her styles were becoming more sought after and in 2015, Minnie Blue Apparel was born.


Deeply rooted in the ties of family, an idea was born and she called it Minnie Blue.



Minnie Blue Apparel gets it name from two of Kristen’s great-grandmothers who she describes as sassy, bold and inspiring. With raw inspiration coming from two original beauties from higher up in her family lineage, there’s no doubt that the originality has continued to be passed down through the generations.