Yikes! I’m, Busy…Busy..Busy..

It seems like my dream of becoming a fashion designer has switched from, “Off” to “On”! I received a call from a lady in Houston, TX ( I live in Tennessee! So I’m freaking out! I’m thinking..How did she find me??!!) who is telling me that she came across my designs on Facebook. She really liked the design I came up with for my daughter in the Knoxville Fashion Week Trash Bag segment. (Again, I’m thinking.. “How is all of this coming from freakin’ TRASH BAGS!!) I began to ask her questions about her vision of the garment and so on. She proceeds to tell me that, she is needing a dress made for her daughter because she was launching her business in a few days, and planned for it to be a red carpet event. My mouth hit the floor! How cool is that! My designs could be on a red carpet, and in Houston??!!! No way.

So, to the sketch pad I go..

Planning to bring this sketch to life!


Well, if that wasn’t enough for one day.. listen to this!

I have a friend that is a photographer, and we work a lot together. She- doing the photography, and I doing the hair and makeup. She too, recently asked me if I could just “whip-up” a dress for a photo shoot that we will be doing in a day! That’s right! A DAY!

Let’s see what I can make happen.. Yikes!

I’m am very greatful, but, WOW! Who knew all of this would be happening at one time.


It’s always nice to have an extra set of hands! My daughter is here to help!!


Things are shaping up!


Don’t mind the messy background..it was a late night. I just have my fingers crossed.. hoping that this works!

Until next time!

Be you, with Minnie Blue!


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