Minnie Gets Scouted

Guess what happened to me today! I got scouted by a huge company, RAW Artist, who gives people like me (a starving artist) the opportunity and platform to do a showcase for them!


Ok! So, a scouter from RAW Artist in LA messaged me on Instagram after seeing my photos from the trash bag fashion show, from Knoxville Fashion Week. The message read, ” I am a curator for RAW Artists Nashville. I stumbled upon your fashion designs and really love your style. I would like to invite you to a showcase with us March 29, 2017!”

I asked him, “Sir, what you recently saw on Instagram are designs made out of trash bags. Are you wanting me to show trash bags at the showcase?” He responded, ” You can show whatever you want!” My eyebrows raised, and I said to self , “I’m not showing trash bags then!”.

So, from here on out I will be preparing for the showcase. I am so excited! Who would’ve thought THIS opportunity would have came from trash bags!!! God is so good y’all!




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