Minnie trip to Nashville

I went to the showcase to get a feel of how my showcase will be in June! I had a great time meeting other creatives. So many painters, songstress, makeup artist, and photographers IN ONE ROOM! It was a gold mine for artist and good vibes!

City Winery1City Winery2

Once returning from the show, I confirmed that I definitely wanted to be apart of their June 21st showcase! So guess who will be debuting their very first fashion show in Nashville on June 21st, 2017?! Yep! This girl!

RAW Nash. Cover flierI am officially in the show, and you can find more information about this exciting show at http://www.rawartists.org/kristencolemon



Minnie Gets Scouted

Guess what happened to me today! I got scouted by a huge company, RAW Artist, who gives people like me (a starving artist) the opportunity and platform to do a showcase for them!


Ok! So, a scouter from RAW Artist in LA messaged me on Instagram after seeing my photos from the trash bag fashion show, from Knoxville Fashion Week. The message read, ” I am a curator for RAW Artists Nashville. I stumbled upon your fashion designs and really love your style. I would like to invite you to a showcase with us March 29, 2017!”

I asked him, “Sir, what you recently saw on Instagram are designs made out of trash bags. Are you wanting me to show trash bags at the showcase?” He responded, ” You can show whatever you want!” My eyebrows raised, and I said to self , “I’m not showing trash bags then!”.

So, from here on out I will be preparing for the showcase. I am so excited! Who would’ve thought THIS opportunity would have came from trash bags!!! God is so good y’all!




Hefty vs. Fashion

Did you ever think that trash bags could be made into real fashion? Well, I never thought that I would be the one designing and creating them into wearable fashion!

Knoxville, Tennessee has a Fashion Week which consists of  fashion shows Tuesday- Saturday, making it a week long segment that introduces many local and upcoming creatives; Hairstylist, makeup artist, jewelry designers, fashion designers, and many more designers- for them to show off their talents in huge fashion shows!

I was asked by my local mentor and celebrity makeup artist Christian McNally if I would like to be the lead hairstylist as well as fashion designer for his segment in the show! Of course I responded saying, “Duh!! Yes, I would love too”.  I worked closely with a fellow friend and makeup artist, Heather Rogers to create a runway show the audience and the city of Knoxville, TN would never forget.

We spent many early mornings and late-late nights strategizing how to create a true masterpiece.  THEN! DING!  We came up with a great idea!! We presented our ideas to McNally…and… He thought it was “cool”. (But that was it. Just “cool”) Not, Blown-away! So, Back to the drawing board we went. McNally then came to Heather and I asking, “What about trash bags?” I replied, “What about them??!!” lol Just knowing he wasn’t serious. But he was. I then knew, that if I was going to have my name attached to this project in any kind of way..in front of hundreds of people, this had to be “EPIC”! Not just “cool”.

After sketching out a few new ideas and taking a trip to Kroger Grocery store- to pick up a few plastic bags. I then had a concept. I then began to created real garments out of trash bags in my living room! From there we did a photo shoot to show pictures via slideshow during the fashion show, and then..it was show time!

March 2nd, 2017 the show went on without a hitch and it really became the talk of the town! McNally, Heather, and I couldn’t have been any happier. And that was the true big break for Minnie Blue Apparel.


Andi1Energy1Heather1Jen's DaughterKFW Trash Collect.9Cetrine1

Minnie Blue Trash Collection

All of our Models!

KFW Trash Collect.1KFW Trash Collect.2KFW Trash Collect.15

KFW Trash Collect.14

Heather, my daughter Paris, and I!