The words "Welcome to out Beginning" written in grey."Kristen Colemon sitting in front of a grey background, wearing jeans, a white camisole, and a black and shite hair scarf resting her right arm on her knee and resting her left hand under her chin. The word "Welcome" is written on the top of the image in faded white font, while the words 'Minnie Blue Apparel by Kristen Colemon" appear to the right of the picture, opposite Kristen.

Hi! Welcome to the official Minnie Blue Apparel Blog! I am so excited to  share this beautiful journey that I’m on, fulfilling the dream of becoming a fashion designer with you all. The support and feedback that I’ve been getting thus far has been mind-boggling! I am so grateful!

Make sure you stay tuned in, so that YOU can be apart of all the fun as well! By, attending fashion shows, charity events, purchasing custom items, and so much more!

Be You with Minnie Blue!


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